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Monday, October 1, 2007

WoW Leveling Guide 60-70

This is new update guide for Burning Crusade. this guide give information how to level up to level 70, the new top level for burning crusade. It not complete yet but it can be very useful. It untilizes the CT_Mod to map out all the quests that are being done for each area as you level from 60-70 in the Outlands. u can get more information about this guide from this link.
wow leveling guide

WOW Exploit Become the Guild Master or Kick the GM

Here's how you do it, you have to have access to an account/character with promote/demote constitutional rights to become the GM. In order to kick the GM, you have to have kick agreement.

Here's how it's done. You log into an alt with the agreement you need for what you want to achieve. If you want to become the GM, type /gpromote 'yourmain'sname' (note: the character you do this to has to be offline) and spam it a few times for good evaluate. It should say (name)'s rank is too high.

To kick your guild master, just wait til he's offline and then type /gremove 'playername'. It will say player's rank is too high.

How these work is they both give the usual error messages, but when the character it was done to logs in, they will either be GM or be kicked, depending on what you did. A note about becoming GM though, your rank that you were before you logged in stays the same on the guild tab, but you have access to everything a GM does, including /gleader and /gdisband.